How to win Amazon Quiz Contest?

So, if you’re here and reading this you probably know what are Amazon Quizzes and how to participate.

Still we will take you through every step thoroughly and explain you how to raise your chances to win Amazon Quizzes which include all types of quizzes such as Daily Quiz, The May Day Quiz, Fitness Quiz etc.

Let’s get started from the very beginning!!

Is the Amazon Quiz real or fake?

There many people who question about authencity or the quiz contests, many people think whether it is real or is it just for publicity event to drive more and more people daily to Amazon!

The simple and Short answer is Yes it is 100 Percent Real. Amazon is world’s largest online retailer and they won’t sponsor fake quizzes on their platform at the stake of such big reputation.
All the Quizzes hosted on Amazon are real and people do win and receive their desired prizes.

You must be thinking how come amazon gives away such expensive products like high-end mobile phones and other gadgets on daily basis?

All the quizzes are sponsored by different brands to promote their latest products, Amazon just acts as a host for the quiz. It is the Brand which sponsors the winning prize of the Quiz and not Amazon.

You can also check the lists of the winners of that particular month on Amazon by clicking on this link:
Amazon Winner Lists

Eligibility for playing Amazon Quiz Contest

  • You should be an Indian Citizen.
  • You have to set the Country to India in the App to participate in the Quiz or else you won’t find any option to participate in the Quiz.
  • Your billing address on Amazon should fall in Indian Territory to receive winning prizes if you win one.
  • You should be above 18 years of age.
  • You must have a valid identity proof such as Adhaar card/PAN card/Voter ID/Passport.

How to Participate in Amazon Quiz Contest?

You can take part in this contest only if you have Amazon India App on your phone you can download it here:

After Downloading the Amazon app, Search “Quiz” in the Amazon App.

Click on 1st Result Saying “FunZone” And Select your Desired Quiz Contest.

Scroll Down and Click on “Notify me” by doing this, You will be notified every time the Quiz Starts.

Amazon Daily Quiz starts from 8:00 am in the morning and ends at 12:00 noon.
Other special quizzes have specific time frame like 15-20 days, time span is different for every quiz.

You have to answer all the questions correctly to become eligible to win the quiz.

How Amazon selects winners?

So, basically just like you, there are thousands of other people from India who participate in Amazon Quiz and then lucky draw is conducted for all the eligible participants (all the people who’ve answered all the questions correctly).

Who ever wins the prize gets a e-mail and message from Amazon as well as the results are posted on Amazon page as well.

Note: there are many spams going on in the market in which you get a text message or email from some fake people claiming they are from Amazon but you’ve to stay cautious and not to reply to such e-mail or messages.

Why you are not winning any prizes in Amazon Quiz?

Here is the answer for most awaited question, and also the Answer to it.

Reason 1:
You are participating in Amazon Quiz by more than 1 Account from same mobile.

If you’re willing to increase your odds for winning the Amazon Quiz then you can use your friends or family members mobile to participate but kindly do not use same phone for different accounts to participate.

Reason 2:
People working for Amazon India or enrolled in Amazon Affiliate program are not allowed to participate in the Quiz hence their relatives can also get disqualified for some reasons.

if you or any of your relatives fall under the above mentioned position then try to participate from your friends Account or someone who doesn’t associate closely to you or any Amazon employee.

Is it compulsory to tweet after answering the questions?

There are many rumours going around that it is necessary to tweet everyday after participating in Amazon Quiz.

So, let me tell everyone that it is not at all necessary to tweet or share any image about Amazon Quiz on any social media such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.


I believe that you got all the information on how to win Amazon Quiz Contest and wish you all the luck to win your next Quiz Contest at the earliest.

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